Walk of Witness 2023

The Walk of Witness is back and it will take place on Good Friday as usual.

At present few details have been confirmed but it will take place, will start at Holy Trinity in Wick Hay at 11am and finish outside St Martins about 12 oclock mid day.

We are hoping to include the drama which we used in the past so we are looking for men prepared to be soldiers and women to be the crowd around the cross.

We will include more details as they become available. If you want to take part phone or text Hilary on 07540066789


CTB Policies

CTB Policies

The trustees have written a number of policies in line with the recommendations of the Charity Commission:-

Date Protection

Equal Opportunities

Health and Safety


Privacy notice

We have put these onto the Website each on a seperate page. More information can be optained via email address dhdonoghue@aol.com

The Sleepout





The sponsored sleep in/out takes place the first Friday night in Dcember. Hardy individuals agree to sleep out in the church garden to raise sponsor money for Project 58.7 Feeding the Homeless. Following the last sleep out we raised £6000 with  £1300 of Gift Aid. This forms almost all of our income for the year.

After two years when people had to make their own arrangements to sleep outside to raise money for feeding the homeless this last December we were able to meet again at Trinity Methodist and sleep in the garden.