Prayer around Churches Together in Basildon

At Churches Together in Basildon we believe prayer is important and we hold three united prayer meetings a year, two are prayer breakfasts and one is a prayer lunch. These are in addition to all the prayer meetings in the individual churches. Further information from David Donoghue; 07958714290

Our next Saturday Prayer meeting will be a Prayer Breakfast at Ingaway on 3rd October 2020. Breakfast will be served at 8.30am with prayer beginning about 9.15am. Everybody is welcome.

Prayer for STM

STM holds regular monthly prayer meetings to uphold the work with prayer. Meetings are held on the last Wednesday of the month usually at Ingaway Christian Fellowship at 10.30am. Please ring Hilary 07540066789 if you are thinking od coming as some months the meeting is held a diiferent week to avoid school holidays.

Prayer for Street Pastors

We are only a week away from launching Street Pastors in Basildon and as recent events have shown, Basildon can be a very violent place. Please pray for God’s peace and protection for us as we patrol the area and that we will build strong relational bridges with staff at Cosmos and door-staff and management at the various venues in the town centre (as we will have continuous contact with them). Please pray that as we build relationships we will be able to convey the gospel to them. I have been thinking on the woman with the issue of blood who, having heard about Jesus decided to break out of her isolation (confinement of the law) and reach out to Jesus. I believe the Lord is saying that He wants to reach out to those who have been marginalised and Street Pastors will be generating hope and the presence of Jesus onto the streets that will coax the marginalised to reach out to Him.