Christians Against Poverty

Who is CAP?


CAP is a Charity which started helping people to get out of debt in 1996, they help hundreds of people each year through a professional service offered from 250 CAP debt centres across the Country.


The attachment explains the way CAP operates and includes their contact details.CAP has helped more than 20,000 people become debt free since 2010.


For more details view the CAP website:


What is CAP Basildon?


CAP Basildon is one of the 250 centres. It covers Basildon, Laindon, Pitsea, Wickford and parts of Rayleigh. Since the Basildon Debt Centre started, 10 years ago, it has helped 98 families clear their debts of £1.7M.


It is now run by Rachael Phillips who is the Centre Manager, she joined in January 2023 of this year. Rachael also runs the debt centre in Brentwood, so her role in Basildon is part time.


Rachael’s role is to meet with families in Basildon, referred to her by CAP, working with each family to set a realistic budget that prioritizes the essential bills. CAP will then negotiate affordable payments with each creditor to stop unfair interest and charges where possible. Rachael will then explain the budget to the families and payments that will need to be made via CAP to their creditors.


This CAP plan will enable families to pay their bills and debt repayments until they are debt free, a time of celebration.


Rachael is supported in this role by befrienders, volunteers drawn from the local Churches. Their role is to work closely with Rachael, accompanying her on visits and focussing on the non-debt related issues of the clients.


Currently Rachael only has the capacity to take on 3 new families each month.

CAP’s service is completely free to the families it helps but there is a cost to running the debt centres, which the local debt centre has to fund. This is normally through financial support from local churches and fundraising.


In providing support to families in debt, there is the opportunity to share the love of Jesus, to pray with families and to provide support through local Churches.


How can you help?


Firstly, we value your prayers for the team and the families they are supporting.


Secondly for financial support towards the cost of helping families. To be viable for the longer term, the Debt Centre would cost £19,000pa to run, covering both a paid role for the Debt Centre manager and the costs that CAP charge for the work that they do.


How can you get involved?


If you want to support Rachael as a befriender or you want to be regularly updated on activities and specific needs for prayer, her contact details are as follows:         07483 805736


If you want to support financially, please contact Mark Stubberfield, his contact details are:    07722 269716


Bank details are:


Account no: 71507036                                    Sort Code:  40 09 17

Account Name:  Parochial Church Council of St Andrew with Holy CR

(the name looks a bit odd, but you might need to enter it like this (2 spaces after “of”) if your bank uses name verification.)

Please include “CAP” in the payment reference.

If you are a tax payer, gift aid can be claimed.