Drop In Centre


At present the Drop In cannot operate because of the Covid virus. We are hoping for it to be able to reopen very soon. You can read here about how the Drop in normally operates.


We Meet at the united reform church HoneyPot Lane SS14 2JZ every Friday from 5.30 till 8.30

We are a community project providing fun, food and friendship to those in the Basildon area and beyond.  Everyone is welcome to come along, especially those who are feeling lonely, isolated, and depressed and anyone who is struggling with life, mental or physical health difficulties or those who would simply like to meet some new people.

The Drop In is a charity and is run entirely by volunteers.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or supporting the Drop In  for further information. Contact Karen Hobden

Email   karenbowley@yahoo.co.uk        07912312391

If you have a family member, friend or service user who you think may benefit from joining us, then feel free to bring them along one Friday at 5.30pm,


We open at 5.30pm for teas. coffee, squash, drinks, games and crafts.  All activities are optional.   We have a freshly cooked meal together at 6.45pm. Canned drinks and snacks are available for purchase throughout the evening.

Each Friday you attend after your first night you will be asked to pay 50p for drinks or £3 for the meal and drinks all night

For more information please visit our Web Site   http://www.dropin.info