STM Sponsored Walk

Its time to get the rest of the money in from last year’s walk ready to begin to prepare fro this year’s walk.



STM’s sponsored Walk 2016

Ever since 2009 STM have held a sponsored walk to raise money for the STM running costs. This year was no exception.

IMG_9328 (2)Another 10 mile walk completed for STM. All the arrangements were in place as we met at Swan Mead for the 7th STM sponsored walk. We’d got our lunches and our water, our waterproofs and our sensible walking shoes. At 10.30am 14 people 4 dogs and one child in push chair set off.

The weather was good and by the time we got to Northlands park the sun was quite hot so we sat down outside the cafe for an ice cream.

The walk from Swan Mead towards Northlands park took us up to the industrial road and and then eastwards and involved much road crossing. There were plenty of bridges mostly with ramps which suited the walkers and provided good views of the areas round about, (and the roads). In two hours we were back at Swan Mead for lunch.


It rained most of the time we ate our lunches. bBy the time we set off for the second half of the route the rain had eased to a drizzle. Some of the party were too tired to continue and we were down to one dog in the afternoon. Rowleigh appreciated all the training he had put in to complete the walk. This time we walked towards town taking advantage of the many paths away from the main roads. We followed the Laindon Link westwards til we reached Stanway where we turned back up the Knares. Mark simplified the route here to avoid the open land around the golf course as it has become too wet and muddy. We were soon on the home straight. The rain had stopped and we were able to take off some of our waterproofs. Anna awaited us back at Swan Mead with the traditional tea and cakes. Everyone had the satisfaction of having completed the ten miles. The next task is to collect up the sponsor money.