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We have been on patrol since Friday 29th July 2016 and have completed every Friday night. 23 Street Pastors have deployed on those 4 nights supported by 12 people praying from home getting regular updates via whatsapp.

8The reception from the community has been amazing. We have met all the door staff at the various clubs and pubs and the majority are very friendly and support what we do. We have already had calls from them to assist with vulnerable people that they spot out and about. Our Whatsapp group means that the team can ask for prayer over situations immediately and also share good stories whilst out. We have also met several Homeless people that need care, prayer, medical treatment and hope. We will continue to do what we can during the night and signpost them to help in the morning. We notify Streetlink if there are any new vulnerable homeless people in order that the St Mungos reps know what’s going on. There are several places open all night for food, amusements or gambling machines.



We link in with the Rail station staff and have stayed with some people who were waiting for Stansted Airport night bus but were very concerned for their safety. We have sung to a homeless lady, laughed with a man who thought we were police and threw his Beer away. We have already listened to some desperate people that have asked us for prayer. We believe that we have begun a very significant Ministry on behalf of the local church and have had requests from local councillors and press to come and patrol to see what we do. Please pray for us as we continue search for Town Centre base and also for Wisdom in what Public events to attend to share what we are doing.


We are an open project always recruiting and enjoy taken visitors out for the night shadowing what we do to gather more information to establish if they want to join. We are also open to financial donations as we have a small amount of costs around consumables and uniform.

We are on Facebook and Twitter so why not follow what we are doing through that.

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You can see more picutres andread more information on the Street Pastors Web Site page